what is point s?

Point S is a worldwide market leader in the tyre industry and the world’s biggest tyre chain. Finnish Full Fit Team has been part of Point S since September 2009. Full Fit Team is a tyre development and purchasing company, which is owned by independent Finnish tyre entrepreneurs. Full Fit Team saw the daylight 1999 and has been growing since to represent tyre expertise all over Finland. Our tyre stores, partner stores, and service points specialized on heavy-duty vehicles have a vast network in Finland. You can visit Point S tyre stores all around Finland.

Point S in Finland

The purpose of Point S Finland is to help our member companies to coordinate common purchases and arrange regular product and know-how training for our members. Thanks to our vast network of Point S stores, we can make large common tyre purchases at a negotiated price. Our affordable buying prices also mean lower tyre prices for you! In our stores, you can find premium tyres at a reasonable price without overpaying.

Our Point S Finland stores offer you a full service of tyre expertise. Our professionals know the tyre industry thoroughly, and they can offer you all tyre services from a tyre change to alloy wheel fixing. Our special services include tyre hotels, wheel balancing and alignment, and lamina works. Some of Point S Finland stores are also specialized in 24/7 heavy machinery tyre services. When you visit Point S store, you can expect first-class tyre expertise and service in clean and modern facilities.

Better tyre know-how, better driving experience, safer traffic

As we all know, maintained, well kept, and good quality tyres make a big part of traffic safety. Our matter of honor is to provide responsible tyre services. Thus our working methods are very precise, and we work knowing that our services make a big impact on your driving experience and traffic safety. There is no chance to explain mistakes, and that’s why we are not allowed to do them!

Our top-quality tools and premium tyres are the crucial points in our expert service. Safety is also the reason why we pick only the best tyre products and work only with the biggest and most reliable tyre importers.

Our stores

Point S worldwide

Point S network makes the biggest tyre chain worldwide. We have stores in more than 50 countries and 5 continents, more than 6000 points-of-sale worldwide and approx. 3000 independent professional tyre dealers. We sell more than 18 million tyres per year.

The Point S brand was created in 1971 in France. The network started growing fast. In the 1980s, Point S was also established in Italy and Germany, the two other grand countries of motorsports. Nowadays you can find Point S branches almost in every European country. In 2019 Point S had to stand overseas, for example, in the USA, Canada, Africa, Asia, and China and the success story continues every day.

The core aim of Point S has always been the same: to arise with hard work and the best expertise to be the most notable tyre industry actor in the eyes of consumer clients. And because today Point S is the obvious market leader in the tyre industry, we can say that we have accomplished that goal. From now on, we aim to keep our leading position and offer the best service and better road safety.

Point S – together we are stronger

The strength of Point S lies in the excellent network of tyre entrepreneurs. Independent dealers own Point S stores, and branch-wide collaboration between entrepreneurs makes our chain successful.

For Point S, it is important to give every Point S store the freedom to build an individual business under our common framework. We believe that the freedom to have a personal touch in every Point S store makes us stronger.

Our another core value is customer-oriented service. Our professionals know the car industry and understand the people who are using our services. We exist because we want to make your driving safer and enjoyable. Friendly customer service is what we appreciate. It is not uncommon to see our clients having a warm cup of coffee while visiting our stores. Point S also arranges regular training to keep our services strictly up to date.

”Point S international contracts have helped to consolidate and facilitate our dealings with our supplier’s local representatives. The international support of Point S Development is both an additional tool for managing existing local partnerships and an opportunity for the diversification of our brand portfolio.”

Marko Saarenpää, Point S Finland Managing Director on Point S Development Testimonies site