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Point S Finland represents the world’s biggest tyre chain in Finland. We stand for safer driving with our top-brand selection, professional tyre services, and network of tyre stores throughout the nation. Our customer-oriented culture, hard-working professionals, and vast partner network ensure that your driving experience is our matter of honor. Point S trademark has been synonymous with tyre expertise and high-quality tyre service since 1971.

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Point S Finland stores and services extend all around Finland

Our goal is to make your driving safer with our top-quality experience. We exist because we want to offer the best tyre service and thus affect road safety in all weather conditions. Point S Finland stores are lead by independent entrepreneurs who are committed to our values of safety, top-quality products, and competitive prices. We offer you an extensive selection of tyres, rims, and all tyre services, which all help you to have the most secure and enjoyable driving experience.

our services


Point S is well known for the great selection of tyres. We offer them for different vehicles for every season and driving styles. Whether you are looking for brand new summer tyres or safe and secure studded winter tyres, you will find them from the nearest Point S store. We have the world’s most popular tyres and a great selection of our exclusive brand tyres.

Alloy wheels & steel wheels

In our stores, you can find a vast selection of wheel rims, whether you need them for passenger or SUV cars and also for the heavy-duty vehicles. You can choose the best choice for your car: we have both clear-cut aluminum rims and more impressive tuning rims.

Tyre change

Do you need to change new seasonal tyres, renew old worn-out tyres, or get rid of a flat tyre? We change your tyres in a moment, and if needs be, with supplementary tyre services. Our specialists are familiar with many kinds of vehicles and tyres.

Tyre hotel

 When you are changing summer or winter tyres, a tyre hotel is a handy and safe place to store your tyres between the seasons. In our tyre hotels, you can keep your tyres waiting for the next seasonal tyre change. When you leave your tyres to our tyre hotel, you don’t need to worry about arranging the storage room for your tyres at home.

Wheel alignment

A four-wheel alignment is one of the most important vehicle maintenance actions, as it affects your driving comfort and safety directly. When we align your tyres, it reduces uneven tyre wear and ensures that your driving experience is straight without pulling to one side.

Tyre Pressure TPMS monitoring

Optimal tyre pressure increases driving balance and keeps tyres more long-living. The right tyre pressure prevents uneven abrasion of the wheels. New cars that are registered after 2014 should all have a TPMS monitoring system according to the law.

Wheel lamella works

Special wheel lamella machine treatment helps the tyre to maintain a good grip and to reduce the braking time. The machine makes small slashes to the tyre, which do not harm the tyre but help with the tyre performance and grip. Our lamella service also reduces the heat of the tyre so that the tyre will be longer-lasting.

Tyre balancing

Balancing tyres means compensating any weight imbalances that may cause safety issues or, for example, tyre trembling. Our professional ofter balance tyres at the same time when they align wheels.

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