The Point S Finland tyre network strengthens in Lahti region


Rengastoppi Oy will be the 9th tyre store for Lapin Kumi Oy. 



New Point S store opens in Lahti region 

Lapin Kumi Oy strengthens the Point S Finland tyre network with new point-of-sale in Lahti after an acquisition. Rengastoppi Oy Lahti pos will be the 9th in succession for Lapin Kumi Oy. In Lahti, on the opposite sites of the town, we have now stronghold as Valinta-Rengas Oy, the other well-established tyre company is also working under our flag, since years.

”During the past ten years we have been blessed with the international Point S purchase power and with this cooperation we have gained the competitive edge in our local business giving us new opportunities for growth. I am happy to be able to announce you the name of our 9th point-of-sale, Rengastoppi Oy. The economic area of Lahti is very active and we see lot of possibilities for good business there in both pcr and truck tyres. We will deploy and utilize those positive methods in Lahti that we have already learned in our three previous expansions in Oulu, Jyväskylä and Kuopio.

The managing director of
Lapin Kumi Oy, Mr. Ville Ruokanen.

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